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Quality Inspection Services

Assuring the production and produce an excellent result has been always our goals. The best ways to keep quality in check is by having a clear understanding the requirements and standards of every products. Nonetheless, a series of inspection stages in production lifecycle are needed to ensure high quality output. The steps are following :

- 01 Pre-production Inspection

Pre-Production Insspection cannot underestimated, it is for ensuring the success of overall processes and end results. This stage is to make sure first of all the supplier is using the right raw material for production.

This enable you to identify the readiness of supplier before manufacturing commence and potential risks that might occur if planning is not neat.

- 02 Midline Inspection / Inline Inspection

Know in many terms : Midline Inspection or During Production Inspection or Inline Inspection are inspection stage that usually started at 25%-50% of production phase.

Validating the production timeline to avoid delay, quality of production results against the requirement and also applying corrective action if necessary.

- 03 Final Inspection

Final Inspection takes place at 80%-100% of production phase. The inspection is essential to ensure all products are ready for shipment. Validating all products are compliant to standard : product size, packing, weight, moisture, etc…

Some testing like load test or drop test might be conducted if deemed necessary or asked by customer. This inspection will greatly minimize risks.


- 04 Container Loading Inspection

Container Loading Inspection or Supervision is meant to assure all finished products are handled correctly, in right quantity, and safely into container. Ultimately mitigate any risk that might occur in transporting.

Another important thing is to check the site of container loading, situation when loading (loading when rainy season for example). With our supervision you can ensure highest quality products for your customers.


Sourcing / Sourcing Trips

Indonesia is a rich country with thousands of talented craftsmen and suppliers. Finding the right one that suit your business sometimes can be overwhelming. Not only the skills of the suppliers, their size and capacity, or certification they have, but you have to know the real data about them.

Sometimes, suppliers will just accept any orders despite their skills and capacity. So, choosing the right supplier is essential to the success of your future orders.

We are here to simplified your sourcing or sourcing trip. You can get the opportunity to visit, know and get suppliers or manufacture with vast product types. We will assist you to plan the sourcing to get the best of your time. Cultural difference sometimes will hinder in negotiation, but don’t worry. We are there.

Product Development

Fast product development cycle can be your competitive advantages in the fast-changing competition market. New product development is a key component in implementing this strategy into your business. In accordance to this, a right product development processes is important to ensure you achieve the right results and not wasting precious time, energy and even cost.

Finale Inspection will help you in product development process to make your ideas a reality and so you can bring your products to market quickly. Our team have the technical knowledge and skill that will be valuable in the processes. We will make sure products are built according to requirements and all details are covered.

Furthermore, our  reliable communication will guarantee you an always updated progress and your needs are understood.


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